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Sahayog Sankalp

In the dynamic landscape of corporate innovation, Bhavisya and Shefali, the visionary founders of Paneliq Technologies Pvt Ltd, recognized the transformative power of collaboration. Fueled by their belief in inclusive excellence, they conceived Sahayog Sankalp – a pioneering initiative within the Paneliq family. Dedicated to uniting corporates, NGOs, and individuals, Sahayog Sankalp embodies a shared commitment to diversity and innovation.

What We Do: As an initiative of Paneliq Technologies Pvt Ltd, Sahayog Sankalp specializes in empowering physically disabled individuals, championing neurodiversity, and fostering LGBTQ+ inclusion. From personalized recruitment solutions to cultural inclusion workshops, we reshape how companies work and thrive together.

Why It's Needed: Bhavisya and Shefali understood that true innovation arises from diverse perspectives. Sahayog Sankalp is born from their conviction that by harnessing the unique strengths of physically disabled individuals, embracing neurodivergent talents, and advocating for LGBTQ+ inclusion, we unlock unparalleled creativity and problem-solving capabilities.

Making the World a Better Place: Sahayog Sankalp envisions a world where every workplace celebrates diversity as a fundamental driver of success. By fostering inclusion, we don't just make companies better; we make the world a better place.

Why Corporates Should Join Us: Corporates are invited to join hands with Sahayog Sankalp for these compelling reasons:

  • Innovate Beyond Boundaries:

    • Diverse teams drive innovation. Collaborate with us to tap into a vast pool of untapped talents, fostering creativity without bounds.

  • Fulfill CSR Commitments:

    • Corporates can fulfill their CSR commitments with impact. Sahayog Sankalp offers meaningful avenues for engagement that align with corporate responsibility goals.

  • Enhance Workplace Culture:

    • An inclusive workplace is a thriving workplace. Partnering with Sahayog Sankalp enriches corporate cultures, promoting a sense of belonging among employees.

 As an initiative by Paneliq Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bhavisya and Shefali invite corporates, NGOs, and individuals to join Sahayog Sankalp's journey. Together, let's rewrite the narrative of success, where collaboration, diversity, and inclusion propel us towards a brighter future.


Come, be a part of Sahayog Sankalp – where collaboration meets commitment, and the world is transformed, one inclusive step at a time.

A Partnership Guide with Sahayog Sankalp

Our collaborative approach ensures that corporates meet diversity goals and unlock the untapped potential within their workforce.

Tailored Recruitment Solutions: Discover the power of diversity with our customized recruitment strategies. We go beyond traditional methods, identifying and placing diverse talents that align with your organizational needs. Sahayog Sankalp tailors solutions for each corporate partner, ensuring a workforce that reflects the rich tapestry of talents.

Cultural Inclusion Workshops: Foster a workplace culture that celebrates diversity. Our cultural inclusion workshops provide tools and insights for employees to thrive in an environment that values and respects differences. Sahayog Sankalp believes an inclusive culture is the cornerstone of a thriving and innovative corporate ecosystem.

Strategic Consultations: Navigate the path to diversity excellence with our strategic consultations. We guide corporates in aligning their policies with diversity principles, ensuring legal compliance and ethical standards. Sahayog Sankalp is your partner in creating equal opportunities for all, driving success through diverse perspectives.


CSR Collaboration: Fulfill your CSR commitments with impact. Sahayog Sankalp offers avenues for meaningful corporate social responsibility engagements. Partner with us to create lasting impact, contributing to developing inclusive workplaces and empowering diverse talents.

Impact Measurement: Witness the positive impact of your diversity initiatives. Sahayog Sankalp establishes metrics to measure success, providing regular progress reports. Our commitment to transparency ensures that corporates can track and showcase the transformative effects of their diversity and inclusion efforts.

Thought Leadership and Advocacy: Become a thought leader in diversity and inclusion. Sahayog Sankalp collaborates with corporates to contribute to industry discourse, advocating for inclusive workplace practices. Join us in shaping a future where diversity is not just a goal but a fundamental driver of corporate success.

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